mieleni minun tekevi, aivoni ajattelevi…

today is kalevala day, or finnish culture day. the quote above are the first two lines in the kalevala, and can be translated roughly to “i want to do a thing”, which is why i’m quoting it here.

i also want to do a thing.

i have chalk embedded into my skin pretty permanently these days. it’s my own fault. we do have modern technology – computers and overhead projectors and whatnot; just this morning i gave a presentation using prezi – but when it comes to good old fashioned classroom teaching, i prefer blackboards and chalk.

the complete radio silence these past two months have been in part because i’ve been so busy teaching finnish grammar that i don’t have much brain space left for other things, and in part because i have not had much to talk about. unless it’s finnish grammar, in which case i have plenty to talk about.

days are now more than 10 hours long. it’s already light outside when my alarm rings in the morning. it’s still light out when i sit at dinner. i’m feeling lighter.

things i want to do:
– advance my academic career
– complete just one of my current wips
– get a permanent job (not necessarily in academia)
– expel the exhaustion that has taken up residence in my bones
– care.

winter sunrise. feb 2017.

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