why don’t humans hibernate?

if i weren’t so exhausted, i would tell you all about how my november went.

suffice to say that i made good progress on three of my stories and have the nano diploma to show for it.

i have a long weekend coming up, so will be finishing up one of the drafts and doing some much needed editing on another. the goal is to have the draft done before the christmas holidays so that i can take the holidays off from writing, and return in january to shine it up.

(cookies, candy, and chocolate is all i want during my holidays.)

i’ve surpassed my reading challenge of 50 books by 17 books, and still have a month to go.

next year i’m considering aiming for a 200k writing challenge. (i’ve never managed to write more than ~145k in a year, so that seems like a massively clever thing to do.)

we’ll see.