ruska, ruskea, ruusu

it’s autumn here in finland, so everything is gold. the fallen leaves, the sun rays and the wooden facades of the estate.

it’s calm here, and quiet. every now and then there’ll be a rain of golden leaves, indicating a squirrel has just run up a few branches. it gets dark at night. pitch black darkness of the kind you don’t experience in the city.

i’m writing again. i have several projects i’m working on: a couple of novels and a series of short stories. for the first time in my life, i want to actually publish my writing. i haven’t yet decided how – i’ll possibly query one of the novels, and self-publish the short stories, and see how goes from there.

i think i will participate in nanowrimo this year. thinking about it is making me really excited and this year i have several friends who will be participating. i have enough projects to work on, but i think i’ll choose one of my novels as the main project for nano and aim to complete a first, rough draft of it. if i stall, i’ll have other projects to turn to.

i’m so happy about my writing, it’s indescribable. i have this joy just filling me up. even when writing is hard and teeth pulling, it gives me life.

i have access to illustrator, photoshop and indesign for the first time in my life – i had photoshop back in denmark, but not the other two – so i’m going to teach myself how to use them.

i brought my knitting needles along and have discovered that even the smallest k-market in this little village sells a selection of yarns. so i’m going to teach myself how to read knitting patterns in finnish.

taika. october 2016.

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