new beginnings

today i had my last day at work at job#1. yesterday i had my last day at work at job#2. tomorrow i am officially unemployed.

in the month and a half that has passed since i handed in my thesis, i have taken on extra shifts at job#1, applied for new jobs (i haven’t secured anything yet), hung out with friends and coworkers, and consumed a lot of art (by which i mean, i watched the entire first season of jane the virgin in less than two weeks. it is truly a work of art. i’ve also started a rewatch of six feet under, which is amazing – it’s every bit as good as i remember it being, when i watched it at a much more formative point in my life).

i’m writing again, which is very exciting! i have three stories i’m working on. two are just short low-stress stories, and one is the first book in a fantasy trilogy i’ve been planning for a while now. fantasy trilogies are all the rage, i know, but i don’t care – i don’t know that i want it published, i just want to write it because i can and because it’s a story i want to tell.

i’m oddly happy with being unemployed, to be honest. i’m going to miss my coworkers, who are all absolutely fabulous and gave me the best going away gift ever – a mug with the text “proceed as if success is inevitable” and a fantasy book series with dragons in them – but i’m also somewhat relieved. i’ve been at university for seven years and for the last four of those seven years, i’ve also worked there. a big part of my life has been tied up into that one place, to such a point that i often felt like i was living in a very small bubble. being unemployed forces me out of that bubble. i get to do things that have nothing to do with university at all. it’s a new chapter in my life – and i’m starting it with absolutely no strings attached. it’s wonderful.

i’ll leave you with this close up of a mug i painted the other week. it makes me happy in my heart.

bee. june 2016.