me vs adulting

the thesis is done and has been handed in. final tally:

85 complete pages
94 figures
25-30 pages of cut material
4,6kg of chocolate
347 hours of soundrown ambient noise

in other news, all of the loose ends i’ve left dangling these past months (year) while i’ve been working, have now been sorted or are in the process of being sorted. i’ve had plumbers stomping up and down stairs looking for the off switch for the water main, bank counsellors repeatedly ask me for documents, furniture deliveries, and cleaning marathons.

i’m applying for jobs and have had one interview so far (no dice). i’ve a month and a half before i’ve got to worry about unemployment benefits, which is a luxury and a privilege i’m well aware of.

i’m slowly starting to create things again. things not related to academia. i’m drawing, writing, editing. i’m baking and cooking. i’m reading books i did not have the time to read previously.

i’ve not yet had the chance to go outside and photograph the spring, so i’ll leave you with a march photo taken from my south-west window.

geometric sunset over dr byen in copenhagen march 2016
geometric sunset. copenhagen. march 2016.