spring haze

the end is near. the thesis is coming to a close and i’m doing more editing than writing. over a year and a half has gone into this damned thing. i’ll not be sad to see it go.

i’m dreaming up characters and plots. i’m not writing. i can’t afford to expend the energy into writing fiction when i need all my energy to stay afloat and finish my thesis. i have two jobs now, instead of just the one. the second job is only a temporary part time contract that ends in june, but my free hours are depressingly few.

i love my jobs. each day is a new challenge. i have amazing coworkers. come june, once my thesis is handed in and i’m wrapping up my time at my first job, another coworker (who’s also quitting) and i will host a barbecue. i’ll have been in the job four years, my other coworker three. we want to end things on a good note.

by july 1st i’ll be unemployed and graduated. it’s strange to think of. what i used to describe as a terrifying abyss now seems more like a comfortable spot in the sun. change is coming, but change shouldn’t always be terrifying. having no tethers is liberating.

i want to talk about my writing, but it’s hard when there’s no writing to be talked about.

in other news, spring seems to have finally arrived. the sun is warm on my face and green things are poking out of the earth. i’ve planted tomatoes, coriander, chili peppers, basil, chives, and rocket in my kitchen window. i have a bag of dirt and empty pots on standby for when my little seedling green things need splitting and replanting. my flat will turn partway into a greenhouse this summer.

the towers of copenhagen. march 2016.