with your arms outstretched trying to take flight

i’ve been back from finland less than three weeks. i’m still half on holiday and building a tan; work has started up again after the summer holidays, but my thesis is still on the backburner.

i’m reading a lot. writing, not so much.

i have this problem where i want to run away when there’s something that’s not going too well. i’ll be looking up flights and destinations and bike guides and hostels and taxes and job portals abroad. i dream of dropping everything and just taking off.

i don’t do it. i can’t do it – i need to bite the bullet and get through whatever is bothering me. so that’s what i do, every time. i get over it, through it, past it.

but i buy vacations. i’m going to cambridge for a weekend in october, because when i booked that trip i was having serious issues with my thesis and i wanted to run away from it. i also only paid £40 for the flights and trains combined, so there’s that.

currently i’m wondering if i could buy a hotel in iceland and just go there and run it.

i’m also wondering whether i can take next week off work (not possible) and just go to berlin. on a bicycle. take a week or ten days and cycle down there. then back.

i want to buy a vacation for december, but i’m broke and i’ll be graduating from uni in january. it’d be irresponsible. stupid.

in the meantime…think i’ll just play tourist in and around copenhagen.

dragør. blue.