golden shores and sea foam

it has been a month since my last post, for which i’m sorry. in my defense, my purse got stolen two weeks ago, and i’ve been busy trying to right my life in the wake of the theft. fun times!

i just got home from a weekend in glasgow with friends. it’s a lovely city but even lovelier than that are my friends. ♥ i flew in and out of edinburgh as the flights were cheaper, and the view was amazing. one day i’ll have to live out my dream of biking round the scottish countryside.

reading: crucible of gold – naomi novik
discussing: the republic of thieves – scott lynch
writing: fake married trope fiction
researching: finnish literature in iceland
planning: academic conferences
listening: this 8tracks playlist

i appear to be a very busy person of late.

i got into my summer course in finland, so that’s happening. next week i’m signing my formal master thesis contract, so that’s also happening. i signed up for crossfit and my sore abs will tell you that that is definitely also happening.

glasgow necropolis
glasgow necropolis. april 2015.